About us

Richter akustik & design
provides innovative and unique solutions for the design and architectural professions. Our high quality materials are used in furniture design, wall applications, ceilings and many more applications.


  • Sophisticated and economical solutions.
  • Resource efficient, sustainable and value driven. We take our responsibility to the environment and to people seriously.
  • Powerful, responsible, passionate, creative and solution oriented without exception.

Aristidis Tsakuridis, Eberhard Richter


The company Richter Furniertechnik GmbH & Co. KG – the original name of Richter akustik & design GmbH & Co. KG today -  was founded in 1984 as a natural veneer edge producer. Soon it was realized that in this segment only process improvements were possible but no further innovations. Added to this was the fact that the market was over-saturated and the production of veneer edges was becoming a bottle neck to our other material developments.

For this reason, we decided in 2010 to sell this section in order to be able to fully focus on the development of new products – innovative surfaces for the acoustics, the design and the fire protection field – and on their international distribution.

Success with careful use of resources

With the uniqueness of our surface technologies, we have won numerous new customers from most different sectors. Architects, fitters, shop and trade fair show constructors work with our design and acoustics surfaces and set exciting trends in all fields like shop construction, shop systems, trade fair show construction, exhibitions, bars, hotels, restaurants, public buildings and living rooms.

Our innovative surfaces also attracted the attention of our competitors, of course. We look at it with peace, for competition always is a motor for new developments, too. We do not offer just materials, but solutions with a unique added value.

To us, innovation includes sustainability and a careful use of resources as central issues. The carrier material of the Acoustic Lightboard® e.g. consists of paper combs that are completely made of post-consumer recycled cellulose. Especially resource-efficient is the natural stone surface StoneVeneer with its real stone layer of only some tenths of a milimeter.