Ready-made design panel for unlimited design options

Ready-made design panel for unlimited design options

The Acoustic-CompactPanel® stands for linear design, paired with many possibilities in sophisticated and fast interior design. The Acoustic-CompactPanel® is available as a fully assembled panel in fixed formats and as a lamella with a tongue-and-groove profile on the long side. The profiling enables large-area installations with seamless and invisible transitions for a smooth character.


Possible surfaces





Wall cladding


Properties for perfect acoustics

Material structure

An MDF board is used as a support, which is slotted on the visible side in different variants and drilled on the reverse side. The surface and edge finish is freely selectable - a stained lacquer finish according to RAL/NCS is just as possible as a finish with real wood veneer, melamine surface or HPL coating.

1. Surface material front side
2. Brown MDF
3. Black acoustic fleece


Acoustic-CompactPanel® can be used to cover large areas with an endless character quickly and easily. For this purpose, the Acoustic-CompactPanel® can be easily mounted as a lamella on the substructure using pneumatic nailers or profile claws.


The slits of the Acoustic-CompactPanel® of 2 - 4 mm (0.08“ to 0.16“) width are open on the back side to absorb the sound. Depending on the selected slit, incident sound is absorbed in the slit area or reflected from the surface. Thus, in addition to the desired appearance, the selected slit also influences the acoustic properties.

Technical data

Design Panel in fixed format:
Length (max.) 2780 mm (109 7/16“)
Width (max.) 1240 mm (48 3/16“)
Execution lamella:
Length (max.) 2780 mm (109 7/16“)
Width (max.) 192 mm (≈7 9/16“ - cover width)
Thickness 16 - 19 mm (5/8“ to 3/4“)
Weight 9 - 10.5 kg/m² (1.84 - 2.15 lbs/sqft- depending on selected surface material and dimensions)

Other dimensions and constructions on request.


Our products are available in different finishes.
Different surface materials can be combined with different perforations.

HPL / stained / lacquered

A wide range of HPL laminates, melamine surfaces and color lacquering according to RAL or NCS color codes are available for design.

Wood veneer

Real and natural, that's what makes the charm of wood veneers. In addition to different species of wood, various veneer matching patterns are also available. Please contact us.


Planning documents

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Technical data sheets
Handling information

All important information about transport, storage, cleaning and maintenance you can find here as a .PDF download file.




Here you can download our Brochure „Acoustic Systems” as a .pdf file.




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